Our History

Men's Apparel Shop to Sager's Men's Apparel, Inc

The Finest In Formalwear Fashions and Tailored Men's Clothing Since 1932.

Men's Apparel Shop was founded in downtown West Bend in 1932, by Fredrick A. Sager, in a store the size of a postage stamp next to the West Bend Cinema. Fred's store was that of a general haberdashery. In 1949, Sager's Men's Apparel, Inc. moved south down the block to our current location that once was home to the Pilot newspaper.

Fred continued his focus on men's clothing and work wear throughout the decades. His eldest son Donald F. Sager, worked through high school and upon graduating from college returned to West Bend to join the family business. During the early 1970's, Sager's expanded the building to three floors, offering additional clothing categories to men, young men, wedding parties, and women. Fred's eldest grandson and Donald's only son, Scott C. Sager got an early start in the store labeling hangers, washing windows, hemming slacks, sweeping the floors, and learning the business from the ground up. After Scott graduated from college he too returned to follow in the family business. Fred passed away in February of 1984 and Donald and Scott worked side by side for the next 21 years.

Over the decades lifestyles and clothing needs have changed, but Sager's has always provided great formalwear products, with exceptional service, at a great value. In the early 1990's with the workplace becoming increasingly casual, Sager's scaled back their men's clothing department and increased their formalwear inventory. Donald loved selling suits and Scott loved the formalwear side of the business and together, they formed a perfect fit. Donald would sell it and Scott would tailor it.

Unfortunately, Donald was diagnosed with Cancer in 2003 and lost his battle a few months later. Scott continues their family tradition ever increasing the formalwear presence in the store. Today, Sager's still has its roots in the men's formalwear business stocking over 500 garments and accessories. Scott still sells men's suits, sport coats, dress slacks, and of course rent and sell thousands of tuxedos. Scott's daughter Claire, on occasion is told, "Prom Time Girls." Everyone works scrubbing shoes, assembling jewelry packs, hanging shirts, and of course washing windows and cleaning the store. As we continue with 4th generation of the Sager family, we remain committed to providing great products, outstanding service, and exceptional value.